2015 was, in many ways, a year much like any other for Alex Navarro. He spent his days on the streets of Boston, busking alone, with a pile of CD’s and a tip cup. His nights were spent in class at Boston College, and his weekends at the acclaimed “Dirt Floor” studio in Connecticut, grinding away on his second album (Due for release Fall 2016), with producer Eric Lichter. In other ways, it was not. “Pardon My Eyes”, an album with a low profile release, in a relatively low profile city, began to make itself heard. The title track off the record received a semi-finalist nomination for song of year from the International Songwriting Competition, a contest judged by the likes of Tom Waits, Bill Withers, and Lorde. In Boston, Navarro assembled a band of seasoned professionals, cultivated his live show, and prepared for his 2016 debut show at Paramount Theater. As acclaim for the album and live show continues to spread, and 2016 sees the release of Navarro’s sophomore record, It is only a matter of time before he hits the road for the first East Coast tour of his young career.